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often mistaken for north scottsdale, south scottsdale is neither snobby nor rich. it has one of the highest populations of illegal mexicans and meth users in arizona. it is often referred to as the ghetto, south side, the slums of scottsdale, and has an obnoxious amount of baby-faced pre-teens flashing blood and crip gang signs like attention-starved blondes at mardi gras.
jimmy: "hey billy, lets go to south scottsdale and buy some unecessarily expensive vitamin water!

billy: "alright jimmy, since everyone knows that it's rich and snobby over there. let's go!"

random mexican walks over, flashes some gang signs like he's having a seizure, and shoots jimmy.

billy: oh no, jimmy!

mexican flashes more gang signs and hands billy some meth.

billy: ....
by luna_ July 11, 2008

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