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A person who has a Twitter account they regularly update and that no one beyond themselves reads. Aware of the lack of traffic, they keep at it, seemingly Twittering only for their own self-gratification or to make themselves feel more important/special.
Guy #1 -- "Hey, guys! You should check out my Twitter page, it's crazy cool!" *walks off*

Guy #2 -- "Think that guy knows no one cares?"

Guy #3 -- "Yeah, definite Twitterbater."
by lumbersmith March 24, 2009
The amount of time it takes for your boyfriend to leave your place when you have to poop.
"I kept trying to get my boyfriend to leave last night so I could use the bathroom but he wouldn't take a hint. It felt like such a poopternity before he finally left!"
by lumbersmith January 09, 2012

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