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vodka based vomit.
dude, leave her, she reeks of vodmit.
by lukeh081288 July 04, 2009
easy fucking meat
#1: "look at that fucking retard over there."
#2: "yeah right, EFM if ever i saw it."
by lukeh081288 March 05, 2010
tossing the salad for someone with hemorrhoids.
jack: i went up the hill with jill, and i was going to toss the salad, but she had serious roids.
brandon: so wats yur problum? i love me some grape salad.
jack: that's because you're fucked in the head.
by lukeh081288 November 02, 2011
form of "personal hygine" where one takes off their t-shirt, wipes the sweatiest areas of one's person, and then wears it to the pub.
dude, have you been having irish gypsy's all week or something??? stinking pikey.

wake up,
irish gypsy,
by lukeh081288 May 24, 2009

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