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1. Someone who makes foolish predictions of future events that are cleary unlikely to come true.
2. Someone who is unable to reasonably assess the direction of a given situation.
1. Gary: "I reckon England will win the world cup in 2006... it'll be great". Dave: "Nice prediction nostradumbass"
2. "You didn't see that one coming nostradumbass!"
by lukecleland November 07, 2004
A careless observation undermining the speaker's intelligence.
Peter: 'You know what? Function is a really weird word'

Paul: 'er.. ok.. great knobservation, dumbass'
by lukecleland January 07, 2007
1. V. The act of leaving a social gathering early. Softness.
2. N. Someone who is known for leaving social events early.
1. Lisa: "What happened to Rob the other night?" Shaz: "He pulled a Yee and went home at ten."
2. Lisa: "So Yee... so Yee."
by lukecleland November 07, 2004
When you come across new music by accident in Spotify
I found this great new band while I was looking for another song and they happened to have the same album name! Now that's Spotindipity!
by lukecleland July 27, 2015

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