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A trifecta of ugly - where looks, brains and personality are all far short of attractive, or even average.
Have you met the new neighbor? Talk about trifugly!
by Lucyfur June 30, 2009
1) jeans so tight they are somewhere between denim and paint.... or 2) jeans so tight they create a cameltoe
I'm wearing my poon jeans tonight - gonna get me some!
by Lucyfur August 21, 2008
A visage so loathsome it causes the penis to be rendered completely powerless, incapable of functioning.
Man, that bitch has a lethal dose of dicktonite!
by lucyfur April 11, 2008
A special extra-strength shampoo, guaranteed to make even Kirsten Dunst's hooch smell fresh like spring rain.
Yeah, I was having trouble getting John to give me a good tongue-lashing "down there," but since I tried that kiki shampoo, I can't get his tongue out of my panties!
by lucyfur April 11, 2008

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