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Pronunced: Scum

*sigh* ....this word just fills me with anger...because townies really are the scum of the universe.
I'm not even going to bother trying to describe them, there's plenty of totally spot-on definitions of them on here. Basically anyone that hates them with the passion that i do, you have my respect and total support in the killing of all townies and (God forbid) scallies *shudder*
some townies are ok mind, but more often than not the 'nice' townies are just the most annoying creature you have come across, usually the cronies that follow around the pure evil townies that need to be shot.
There is no example i could give that wouldn't start me on a two hour rant about how much i hate townies...I HATE THEM
by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds September 04, 2004
a word used to describe a feeling of utter tiredness
a slightly odd mumsy type word....meaning the exact same as knackered but slightly exaggerated in its pronunciation and meaning.

Variation: knackerackerood (but we wont go there)
I'm totally knackerood!
the combination of the question mark and the exclaimation mark. '!?' or '?!'
used after a surprising comment made by someone else that needs explaining to you.
person #1: haha, that guy just fucked a dog in the ass
person #2: a dog!?
a very very stoooopid little boy who likes to mock women, goths and red dwarf. ..not only goths in general but a goth very much loved by us all and to mock him on his own band site no less...you IDIOT CHAV BOY!
smeg is a very good insult, and does beat sp00nfuck...what the hell do you call a sp00nfuck..and in leet aswel?? well if you're 'leet' you must be cool...
as for women...you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to celibacy. if you're not there already...
you have merely experienced that small smattering of girls who will actually sleep with you..and now, having totally irrationally spouted that shit on the guestbook of the Purged site, you will now never get any girl other than the aforementioned. and i'm damn fucking glad because you don't deserve them!
damo: tom you're such a sp00nfuck.

everyone who knows/loves/has met tom: *punches and pounds 'til death ensues*
by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds December 17, 2004
mmmmmmm addictive and the best thing ever invented for getting hyper at the cinema with your best mate and swearing at the little kiddies. (yes we went to see finding nemo!)
also the smell of the box after is crazy ace!
scarily they truly are addictive....
oh yeh they're a tiny little mint =)
oh fuck theres kids in this cinema....bollocks, i mean shit, i mean crap, i mean oops!
also a pretty cool place to hang out on a friday night...on the Isle of Man of course
whey hey for the machine...it does rock it does
ummm, sitting down the beach with guitars randomly jamming and singing...then walking back up to the machine for a huge hug involving everyone in that building...now that sums up the machine!
by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds November 09, 2004
well its me of course =)
Lucy, the insomniac busy defining things in the early hours of the morning
moi.....in the sky with diamonds
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