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A way of telling a bloke to man up and stop being a pussy/coward/wet blanket.
Means to 'act like you've got a pair of testicles'
Is an insult to imply that the man has no balls in the metaphorical sense (that they are a total wimp).
Often used by males and females alike, in women to display power and in men to shame the other male.
Always directed towards a male unless you're taking the piss.
Bloke: Aww i can't go up there it's high and i'm scared of heights
Woman: Bloody hell (insert name here) act like you've got a pair will ya!
Scissor happy is to be using scissors and then cut something up that you shouldn't (to get carried away)
related word- doodle happy
Why's this sign cut up?
Oh yeh i got a bit scissor happy
something i do too much of whilst msn-ing and emailing. it's a bad habit in some respects - kicks bloody arse in others.
Yay-ness (unnecessary hyphen)
msn-ing (as i did earlier totally by accident)
ill-ified (yet again)

basically the art of unnecessary hyphenating is to break down perfectly fine words or to totally invent your own. You can do this by taking the 'ing' off a word and adding a hyphen in the middle OR adding suffixs to the end of normal words. like yay for example. this can then become yay-ness (for more yay!) you can mix and match many words and suffixs - my three favorites are:


Have fun =)
1) another way to use the exclamation Jesus spelt differently but pronunced the same.

2) NOT the son of God, this word is useful to use because it doesn't offend Christians because it has a different spelling and a different meaning to our Lord Jesus Christ.

3) what i say when i'm really pissed off or surprised at something
1) JEEZUZ! Look at that!

2) Child: "Jeezuz was the son of God."
Teacher: "No he wasn't, Jesus was the son of God"


*deliberate use of 'crist' so as not to offend anyone at all...arent i nice*
one of the best indie/punk/alt bands there are.
i cant believe there's no definitions for them on here!
so im gonna give them the definition they deserve.
such gorgeous music ranging from soft rock to almost folky type stuff, utterly unique.
Fronted by mark morriss who wrote my favourite poem of all time in the back cover of their 3rd album 'Science& Nature'.
Anyway...yeh fronted by Mark Morriss (or Big Mo)
his brother Scott Morriss , Adam Devlin and Eds Chesters.
Played near where i live in november....my brother went to see them and stole the set list off the stage...and went on the tour bus ....and met the band.
They write all of their own songs (why would they need covers when they're so damn awesome?)
Some of their most well known songs are 'Bluetonic', 'Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?', 'Marblehead Johnson' and 'Keep The Home Fires Burning'.
If you've never heard of The Bluetones then you deserve a slap but at least after reading this you now have!!
*Mark Morriss is a lyrical genius in his own right*
I sleep in my beloved bluetones t-shirt
a low performance inefficient automobile, the engine of which can only be used economically to gently heat local delacassies.
orig. Peel, Isle of Man

*basically a sh:t car...usually owned by grannies or teenagers*

P.S. There's too many of them here on the Isle of Man...
Air-Bear's 2CV..which he sunk =)...
by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds November 09, 2004
an expression similar to not touching a person of the opposite sex 'with a 10ft barge pole'
a metaphorical stick describing the action of fighting off the advances of another person that is not phsyically attractive.
Drunk man: Hey man, that chick looks hot, go chat her up
Not so drunk man: Are you kidding me?! i wouldn't touch her with a shitty stick

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