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66 definitions by lucy

Cold. Very cold. Backround could be because of bricks of ice or because your nipples get like bricks. I don't know. Also brick city
yo it's brick outside. or
its brick city.
by lucy November 15, 2004
4 18
What people consider themselves just because they know basic computer programs. Using dumb terms like "leet" doesn't make you a hacker
The average hacker probably wouldn't refer to themself as a hacker.
by Lucy November 08, 2004
53 67
a blow job or giving a guy head
yo she gave me top last nite but im a jerk so im never gonna call her
by lucy September 26, 2004
15 32
(Only heard in Scotland so far...)
Pissed, as in drunk. Inebriated.
"He might fall asleep in the taxi, but he's not totally nuggets."
by Lucy July 23, 2005
10 45
Stuart the manchild !!!!! a guy whos like 6'3" that sounds like a 6 year old. that kid on madtv is some funny shit
"when im nervous i usually just pee"
by Lucy October 22, 2004
10 55
(adj) rickety, poorly constructed, sketchy
Why is there a mark on your head

uh there was a nail on the stairway wall and i hit my head


I wasn't drunk those stairs are shafty.

ahah right.
by lucy May 08, 2005
17 69
(v.) To panic so intensely that when trying to write "panic", your handwriting becomes so shaky and illegible that the resulting term reads: pank
"Only two weeks' supply of pickle left in country! Buy Pickle! Don't Pank!" - note left on fridge.
by Lucy November 11, 2004
7 61