66 definitions by lucy

someone who is allergic to her pants ((sophia))
sophia is allergic to her pants she had to go to the e.r. last night
by lucy March 10, 2005
A definition I wrote which got consored because I said that polygamy was wrong.
The possession and trafficking of young girls is slavery
by Lucy February 22, 2005
A resident of Missouri Suite at Cottey College in Missouri
You remember Dawn; she was a Moho in 1999.
by lucy March 30, 2005
its a person who smokes;weed(especially),etc.They smoke alot alot alot.
O ...yea him, he's a burn out
i hear he is a burn out
O ...there goes burn out(nick name)
by lucy December 01, 2004
A loud noise.
I heard a loud bang last night, probably from a car backfiring.
by Lucy April 18, 2004
Cold. Very cold. Backround could be because of bricks of ice or because your nipples get like bricks. I don't know. Also brick city
yo it's brick outside. or
its brick city.
by lucy November 15, 2004
What people consider themselves just because they know basic computer programs. Using dumb terms like "leet" doesn't make you a hacker
The average hacker probably wouldn't refer to themself as a hacker.
by Lucy November 08, 2004
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