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Located in Perth, WA, Servite College is well known as the worst school of it's type. Despite the fact that it is private, the school itself has the smallest budget in the world, thus not providing it's students with adequate facilities, or even a worthwhile education. The school lacks a pool or even an oval, which reflects on the schools lack of sporting achievement. Early 2009 the school decided to knock a frequently used building down, which of course left the students with nowhere to run around. It even left the school without classrooms, with many of the classes being held outside, even when raining.

The school is often nicknamed 'shitvite', 'slutvite', 'crapvite'. There are absolutely no students there who actually like the school, and it is well known around Perth to be poor and terrible. The abilities of the teachers are very small, having a variety of teachers who expect students to teach themselves.

The school cannot afford anything, and is a lot worse than many public schools. They cannot contol the kids or provide them with opportunities, classrooms, education or worthwhile programmes.
a frequently heard quote is:
'omg you go to servite? i feel so sorry for you! that school seriously is so bad.'
by luckylocky January 07, 2010

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