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Having clear vision of a unavoidable and bad decision on the horizon and agreeing to wait for the catastrophe rather than rush it.
"When grandma finds out I'm living with a woman shes gonna know I'm a lesbian, but I'll burn that bridge when I get there"
by luckylittleme June 18, 2009
A youngster born and raised in the backwoods who dresses and behaves as if he is from the mean streets of the most dangerous part of the ghetto.
Bubba is a ghetto redneck hoodrat acting like he's from 5th Ward but he really lives with his parents way back in the thicket off of Walnut Burl Rd.
by luckylittleme June 25, 2009
A backstabbing evil, lying, cheating, conniving woman who is so rotten that calling her cunt, whore, tramp or bitch doesn't even begin to describe her.
I wonder how long it's going to take for Curlon's newest conquest to find out shes a thundercunt?
by luckylittleme June 24, 2009
An indigent male inmate who claims to be straight but will turn tricks in trade for soups, stamps or a "sweet thang" because they either don't have any money on their books or are on commissary restriction.
Offender Greer is the jail trick in H Dorm. He has only missed commissary one time and is already turning tricks to feed his need for soups and coffee cakes.
by luckylittleme July 03, 2009
Having someone scoff and doubt your intellegence out of turn or with no knowledge of the subject.
When I told my story about a 400lb stingray, Lonnie said "Ha not likely!" I said "are you mocking my beans?"
by luckylittleme June 18, 2009
It's the dessert item found on a food tray assembled and given to inmates for 1 or 2 of their meals everyday. It is a highly sought after item, guarded carefully, coveted and often traded with another inmate for a jail trick.
Inmate Greer will get on his knees and suck cock for just one sweet thang.
by luckylittleme July 03, 2009

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