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A slang term for the food served at a pub or bar. Usually it is fast food, grilled or deep fried. Sometimes it is even a frozen pizza cooked in a toaster oven. Salty popcorn is often offered as free pub grub (to encourage drinking.)
Many drinking establishments serve pub grub and some actually have some really good food!
by luckyblackcat13 December 07, 2013
When radical extremists, such as the tea party, think they are following the will of a majority of the people. The tea party thinks a lower credit rating, a government shutdown and total gridlock in Washington are all the will of the people. The delusional minority does not seem to notice the approval rating of Congress is at an all time low! The real will of the majority of Americans is for Congress to do their job!
The delusional minority thinks a government shutdown is the way to get what they want and they believe the majority of the Americans agree. WTF?
by luckyblackcat13 December 07, 2013
The U.S. Congress was taken over by teahadist Republicans. These people who, for whatever reason, are opposed to anything proposed by President Obama. Even though the tea party is only a small, but growing, part of the Republican Party, they seem to hold the House under their control. The "spite" refers to this delusional minority holding the government hostage as they stubbornly try to get their way. This spite lead to the now infamous tea party downgrade and the equally infamous tea party shutdown These teatards would rather destroy our economy and credit rating out of spite than compromise with Democrats.
The tea party damaged America's credit rating out of spite and their opposition to reason and the tradition of compromise. The Republicans' Spite House is a big problem for Obama, the Congressional Democrats and all Americans!
by luckyblackcat13 December 23, 2013
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