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the unofficial discount given to you when the queer salesperson recognizes that you are also a queer; one of the many perks of not being a heterosexual
Queer friend: "The salesguy was a totally hot fag and when he figured out that Christy and I were a couple he gave us the gay discount. The eggrolls are usually $1.00 each, but he gave them to us for half that."
Straight friend: "Damn, had I known about this, I would have converted years ago."
by lucky wendy July 28, 2005
shorthand for "in love"
"They're so annoying. They must be I.L."


"David goes to see that damn country band every week. He must be I.L."
by lucky wendy July 26, 2005
An individual, usually a male, who believes that his skills as a rock guitarist entitle him to behave in questionable ways towards others. His sense of self-importance is turned up to eleven, which makes him a less than ideal long-term dating prospect, dining companion, or roommate. Often an emosogynist in his interactions with women, the guitarsehole fares no better with men as he believes that arguing the merits of tube versus transistor amplifiers makes for engaging party conversation.
1. "I used to live with that guitarsehole. He spent more time on his hair than on washing the dishes, wouldn't shut up about the math rock band he had in high school, and was always trying to figure out why he couldn't find a smart enough woman to date."

by lucky wendy July 21, 2008
a greeting exchanged between strangers who recognize each other as being queers; you recognize the other person as queer and give them "the nod"
Queer A: "I saw these two dyke-alikes today - same outfits, haircuts, everything."
Queer B: "Did you talk to them?"
Queer A: "Nah, I just gave them the nod."
by lucky wendy July 28, 2005

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