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The main line is the outside of Philadelphia. Notoriously known for the spoiled WASPs & JAPs that live here. At lest that is what people think. There are wealthy people here, but that doesn't make them spoiled. If you are less fortunate people here wont judge make fun of or hate you. I know rich spoiled main liners and i know down to earth you'd want to get to know them main liners too.
Main line
It does matter where you live it ony matters what kind of person you are. Just like any other kid, they have to clean there room, help with chores and put up with school.

Rich or poor, black or white, smart or dumb. You can't pick somethings. Nice or mean, fun or boring, a failor or succeeder. It all depends on you.
by lucky lar lar October 01, 2005

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