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Pouring a package of Pop-Rocks into a persons anus, and using semen to activate them.
We got a bit wild last night, and I gave her a Sizzlin' Frenchy.
by luciferrodeo April 07, 2010
To get completely drunk
John: What'd you do last night?

Frank: Me and Walter got completely butt housed.
by Luciferrodeo February 12, 2009
Strange; odd; queer.

Something out of place.
The sighting of a grizzled man lobster is very quasfigular.
by luciferrodeo February 12, 2009
see, Butt Housed.
Walter: I feel like shit, me and Frank got completely Ass Shacked last night.
by Luciferrodeo February 12, 2009

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