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2 definitions by lucifer's phone

An "immature big brat" who makes fake trailers and parodies on youtube.com.
GameOvais made a video called, "Lord of the Rings - the Fellowship Meets After the Death of Michael Jackson"
by lucifer's phone March 14, 2010
gaming pseudonym of a totally wicked gamer chick thousands of friends and crew members on various iphone meshes
lucifer's phone has the following codes:
imobsters: pc2xdw
kingdoms live: jysukh
ninjas live: jfg44
pets live: d8bmg
racing live: 7nkegn
rock stars: urc28r
vampires live: skr2h
world war: wh9jcy
zombies live: hgdrgh
the godfather games: 263 115 299
by lucifer's phone March 14, 2010