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1.a really bad person,singer,and non-talented being
2.an insult to ones presence
1.-dude,that band tonight blew goats
-yeah,i know,was that lead singer scott stapp?
2.-dude quit being such a fuckin scott stapp....god damnit
by lucas mcrevere June 15, 2004
when a woman feels upon your penis,stroking it quite nicely
c'mon baby,a little touch mctouch for daddy
by lucas mcrevere June 16, 2004
the all mighty ,holy grail of farts,the loudest,smelliest fart in all existence...
i have never smelled the gringo fart my sir
by lucas mcrevere June 16, 2004
1.to make out on a park bench with an incredibly beautiful girl
2.to watch the wizard of oz at a low volume,while listening to pink floyds dark side of the moon and smoking a heavy amount of highly potent dank
1. dude i had a dream last niht the me and me woman were just smooging in the middle of nowhere
2.my young lad,have you ever experienced smooging?
by lucas mcrevere June 14, 2004
1.another form of chafing of the penis,do to constant masturbation
1.dude,since my girls been out of town,i have been exposed to an excess of ding-ratching
by lucas mcrevere June 16, 2004
1. A word used to describe the fashion in which one lubes his penis,in preperation for masturbation
hey mom...wheres the suave?...its about time for me to flick on the porn on luba dube dube it up
by lucas mcrevere June 16, 2004
1.Another term for ball sack
2.something to yell randomly at passerbys
1.ow,me fucking bawshack hurts
2.hey lady!....bawshack!!!
by lucas mcrevere June 16, 2004

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