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2 definitions by luKx

1. n. a seductive, lusty wench who preys on enthusiastic sound and lighting butt-monkeys;idenitifed by attempted courteousness, super-couple societal status, denial of pansy-ism and slippery back.
n. pretty panman..walkin' down the street..pretty panman i'd liek to meet *crazy groping actions*
avd. she pointed at the grass-box panmanly
by LuKx June 19, 2004
10 2
An ape, usually male, with an unhealthy, unbearable and frustratingly, ineffably unendurable habit of barrance (i.e. barring someone) He is seemingly heedless of or otherwise not concerned with, the feelings of those he bars, making him hated and despised in many cases (not that he notices, or even cares for that matter).
1. He is a buttmonkey, and i hate him most odiously for it.
by luKx July 17, 2004
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