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Bon Jovi is the best band ever known to man kind. They have been going strong for 25 years. and are still at the top of the charts. They are the best live bands, and have so many amazing cds. Every song of their's is amazing. Jon has an amazing voice. and so doees the rest of the band. Richie is the best guitarist out there. Tico keeps a beat like no other. and David went to julliard for piano. They have created some of the best bass lines ever.

Bon jovi is the only band ever to win a rock grammy for best song AND a country grammy for best song. They've sold over 120 million albums. And are a huge success around the whole entire world. They always sell out concerts, and has created the best song ever in living on a prayer. They have many amazing power ballads including "bed of roses" "i'll be there for you" and "always"
their music touches the heart, and these legends will live on for ever.
Bon Jovi is the most amazing band ever.
by lppodd12 June 16, 2008

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