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2 definitions by lp1136

The second fart that follows a loud flatulent outburst. Usually making a squeaking noise and of lesser magnitude.
I thought I only had to fart once today in class, but after the first one there was a follow-up squeakquel fart.
by lp1136 July 14, 2010
4 2
The free dinners and gifts received from the dates obtained from online dating networks that in-turn negate your monthly enrollment fee with the network itself.

(Note: Usually females are the beneficiaries of a match rebate because it's customary for males to pay for the date.)
Ashley: So how was last night?
Megan: Good, I got a match rebate.
Ashley: Rebate? I thought they didn't give refunds?
Megan: They dont. I got a free $30 dinner from my date so my monthly membership has already paid for itself.
by lp1136 July 14, 2010
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