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Being a Kate means being a comforter to others, being one smart and sexy woman, being so totally amazing and wonderful that when people know that you're a Kate they take a step back and ponder what its like to be Kate.

Being Kate is interchangable with being a Kate. Many people often don't understand that when someone is Kate others will naturally find completeness in being around Kate and find that they will want to be around Kate for the rest of their lives once they've experienced Kate.

Kate is like seeing the sunrise and set all at the same time. Kate is like feeling like are your worries are no more.
Kate is like teaming up with your best friend
Kate is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of love
Kate is like finding peace within chaos
Kate is like having a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen
Kate IS feeling alive every time you think of Kate let alone being around Kate
Kate is who we wish others can be like.

Totally Rad
Brings you a Payday
Wow my wife is so Kate!
My best friend is so Kate...you just have no idea how awesome Kate is.
How do you know she is Kate? Because she brings me Paydays.
by lovinghusband May 25, 2010

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