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Oh my fucking Lotus!

When you are surprised about something, it is normal to shout this.

Lotus refers to the lotuses on Christofer Drew's ass. Most Never Shout Never fans know of the lotus and there is a blog dedicated to Chris' lotuses.
NSN Fan: OMFL! That was so cool!

Not NSN Fan: The hell?

NSN FAN: Ugh, you're so dumb.
by lovethelotus February 26, 2012
Means "You Only Lotus Once".

Lotus referring to the giant lotuses on Christofer Drew's butt. But of course, Christofer defies the law and lotuses twice.
Hipster Chick: Y.O.L.O!

NSN Fan: Christofer Lotuses twice.

Hipster Chick: The fuck?

NSN Fan: Ugh, just go away.
by lovethelotus February 26, 2012
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