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1 definition by lovesongggg

a girl, usually very quiet at times but loud at other times. she can be very pretty, but doesn't believe it herself. she often feels lost in her life. she doesn't think she belongs, but acts happy. she tries very hard to her idea of perfect, but never really thinks she is it. she wants to find love. she can fall very hard, very fast. and she gets hurt. but she will stick with one person for very long, because she doesn't fall for just ANYBODY. she is not someone that should be used, even if they have been before. she loses hope if one bad thing happens. she can be, and is, an amazing, wonderful, caring girlfriend. she is just overall an amazing person, who usually deserves more than what she gets. But she comes with an attitude. Mess with her and you will end up crying.Evelyn's are faithful girls, You'd be lucky to even be bestfriends with an evelyn!Evelyn's are the nicest girls you'll ever meet. She'd always go out of her way to do kind things for others. If you ever date an evelyn, i'm warning you, don't let her go. ever. Shes intelligent and laid back, she loves to have fun and gives amazing advice. You can trust them no matter what, she is the most caring, kind, loving, hard working, bubbly point is evelyn's have the best personality. she goes through alot of bullshit, but manages to hide it all.
evelyn seems so quiet today.
by lovesongggg November 13, 2013