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A style of DeeJaying where you admit to being openly Gay, playing a Hollywood style of Mashups, hipster music, throw back 80's & Sabrina "boys"

References Dj Stonerokk, Dj AM, Dj, Roctakon, Dj EvilOne.
I crushed his Poopah, while he was Crushin' it in the mix .
by loverrrrr boyz April 17, 2007
A style of Deejaying where on admits to being openly gay, and plays nothing but Hollywood style music ; e.i Mash ups,hipster house throwback 80's songs, Sabrina "boys"

References Dj StoneRockk, Dj AM, Dj Roctakon, Dj EvilOne
I crushed his poopah son! While he was Crushin'in the mix.
by loverrrrr boyz April 17, 2007
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