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A person, generally between the ages of 18 and 20, who has begun college but still has the mentality of a high schooler. They generally don't recognize the amount of responsibility that they have, and still find joy in everything. Some may also may be life wreckers because of their lack of regard for anyone but themselves.
Man 1: Have you met Jessica?

Man 2: Yeah she's a total funteen.

Man 1: I love funteens.
by loverofmilk December 04, 2011
A "relationship" consisting of a series of make outs. Similar to friends with benefits, differing in that you think you are together but are really just an idiot. Stemming from the idea of a non committal make out.
I had a ncmoship with that girl last year...I thought we were dating for real but was mistaken.
by loverofmilk December 04, 2011

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