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1 definition by lover of the mcdonalds

a place where people who do not know what real fast food is go. it is usually crowded and slow. people also are often rather lazy and choose to wait 30 minutes in a drive thru to avoid getting out of their car...usually a suburban or a crappy teenager first car...you then feel very sorry for the workers if it is a hot day because they have to take orders outside. also the food isn't that great, and if you try to say that, a zillion stupid second hand opinion holding people will tell you how stupid you are and criticize you for eating mcdonalds...
in n out lover: "in n out is sooooo good! i llloooovvveee there burgers. they are fresh and so are their amazing fries!!!"

me: "no thank you. if i want a burger and fries i'll have them covered in lard and salt like the Lord intended."

in n out lover: "but that is so unhealthy! i am also atheist because it is trendy so i can't accept your statement."

me: "if you really want to be healthy then why don't you eat some salad instead of eating 5 slabs of meat and 10 slabs of cheese laughably called a quinceyquincey or a 5x5 or whatever cutsie name you can think of and fries and a milkshake?"

in n out lover: "omg...oh wait i'm atheist now...or was i agnostic...well whatever, you are so ignorant you unhealthy mcdonalds eating bastard! didn't you see that movie or read that book? fast food is bad for you! i love michael moore too! he is soooo smart and aware like me!"

me: ::takes amazingly heavenly orgasmic bite of a quarter pounder from mcdonalds:: "i rest my case..."
by lover of the mcdonalds August 29, 2007