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A pussy fart!
She queefed on my chode.
by Lover May 19, 2003
An absolute sweetheart who cares about the one he loves and will do absolutely anything in his power to make her happy. I love you Griff
I love you
by Lover May 09, 2003
That time of month.usually referring to a woman's menstraul period.
-Are you going to go to Jakes pool party?
-No I can't it's TTOM
by Lover June 11, 2003
The Keeper Of the Pallow.

**And the cookie.
Minui is a cutie!
by lover February 29, 2004
A true family from medford is constructed like this: Both parents are together have a goooood amount of money in the bank a few kids each with about 100,000 dollers in their trust funds, at least one of the daughters is a whore and at least one kid is a stoner, big ass house look perfect on the outside, and every kid is perfect at everything they do they have to have a shore house and dress everyday in either Abercrombie & Fitch or American eagle, oh and the whole famile must be very attractive
Person1-yea there's this family who lives down the street from us in the summer in ocean city, damn they're like perfect
Person2-are they from medford??
by lover April 19, 2005
someone who likes it up the nose. And touches tanners nut
I joey i like penis up the nose
by lover December 14, 2003
The person known as "Sexy Pants" is unbalanced and loves to smoke the cock as much as possible. Not only does he love to suck penis like one massive joint full of gay pot, he also loves to ride the cock as well. He'll ride it long and hard into the morning light.
Sexy Pants sucked my cock last night.
by Lover June 25, 2003

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