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one of the MOST degrading things I've ever seen. playing up "fat ass" in the black community. the clothes really don't fit well at all, een if you do hhave an "applebottom". should they make pear bottoms, banana bottoms, and cucumber bottoms to?
horny dude: " oooh, look at that lil ho wit dem apple bottoms on! she a nasty ho! i need a tip drill fro that ho! i wanna fuckk dt ass all night and cum in that tight little cunt! ooh i wanna-"

pissed off black female: "nigga, no you didn't! if you ever say them nasty ass words again I'll cut it off right here at da mall! nasty ass nigga..."
(grabs a knife and threatens to cut it off)
by lovely32 August 12, 2005
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