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1 definition by lovefwb.eatmypussyndsuckmytits

thing that feels great for guys...girl gets down on her knees and pulls the guy's pants down to about his knees (incase u get caught) and looks at his dick...she then puts it in her mouth...wat i like to do is start by going back and forth...breathing thru ur nose and sucking...then move r hands up to his ass...keep going and occasionally stop for a sec to play with the tip with ur tongue....hell go insane with all the nerve endings there...then keep goin back n forth nd start to pull his pants downa little more...then start to like feel his ass and finger his anus...theres sumthin about the size of a chestnut up in there that will help stimulate him..keep doin this until he cums...then swallow...if hes a good bf or fwb then itll b ur turn...
My friend and I are friends with benefits, and he goes crazy when I give him a blow job, then eats me out really good.
by lovefwb.eatmypussyndsuckmytits March 31, 2009