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1) a female who truely believes she is God's gift to men
2) a female who happens to be naive to the rest of the public's hatred towards her
3) a female who is really pretty on the outside, but really ugly on the inside, and uses it to her advantage to crush a male's spirit
4) a female that males can't seem to get over, even after the female treats them like crap/crushes their spirit/publicly humiliates them
"I can't stand her - she's such a green chick!"

"Can you believe she did that to him? I never thought of her as being such a green chick."

Girl 1: "She thinks she's so perfect - like a Barbie doll."
Girl 2: "What did you expect? She's fake and plastic, all the girls wanna kill her and all the guys wanna..."
Girl 1: "Well screw her!"
Girl 2:"...exactly."
by love4lyrics August 07, 2007
Adjective to describe:

1) a guy who can't seem to understand when a girl isn't interested in him

2) a guy who falls for a girl, and continues to like her, even after she treats him like crap (see green chick)

3) a guy who is completely oblivious about the girl who likes him, because he is preoccupied with being hung up on another girl who is uninterested in him

4) a guy who believes he has found the "perfect woman" but is in fact blinded by physical traits alone that he believes is beautiful, and does not base any of his attraction to the girl on substance or personality
"I don't understand why he's still hung up on her. All she's done is treat him like crap and walk all over him. I guess he's just Grock-retarded."

Girl 1: "I don't know what else I can do. I've flirted with him, I've danced with him, I even gave him my number - and nothing."
Girl 2: "He must still be hung up on that Green Chick. Gosh - sometimes he's so Grock-retarded!"
by love4lyrics August 07, 2007
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