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A small town located in northern Bergen county, NJ. Home of japs, preps, whores, and snobby fake assholes. 90% jews, 4% christian, 1% other. People who live in town usually spend their day sitting inside, because their is no decent place to go except for the town convinient store, "Fusco's". Most resort to hanging out in surrounding, non-boring towns. Most people can not use their town strip mall named "Tices Corner" because there is not one god damn store that people care about except for the "iMac" store. Kids who are not japs, preps, or assholes are not seen as important to the other children because they are different and have creativity. For Example: punks,goths,emo's,or just people who have their own style, are not acknowleged as much as, say, preppy girls who think they're 17 and they're not.(they're probably going to get raped by the age of 14). During their 6-8th grade years, Students who attend Woodcliff Middle School enjoy going to bar and bat mitzvahs, going to parties, and trying to prepare for highschool. High school students who attend Pascack Hills High School, in Montvale, NJ, find new friends, have fun, and wait until their senior year so they can take total control. a perfect example of what most call "suburbia". Citizens who grow up here do not have a good sense of what reality actually is. People in this town use the phrase "your mom" frequently.
Sally- "Woodcliff Lake? I've heard of that town. I know a jappy whore who got rapped by her 17 year old b/f when she was only 14!"

Jane- "oh no! maybe I should tell my parents not to move there after all. I think here in Montvale, things will be fine!"
by love.over.death November 13, 2005

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