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-being in a state of total bliss (as if one is drunk) upon leaving the side of one's most favorite person on the face of the earth,

-when the company of such person leaves one feeling weak in the knees; often accompanied by blurry vision and an increased heart rate.

-in extreme cases one may experience total loss of motor skills as well as kaleidoscopic vision while in a state of love.drunkedness.
i could hardly drive on the way home. i could barely see the lines on the road i was so love.drunk.
by love.drunk May 30, 2010
A naked robot. The bass god and dirty hippy of the group. Generally found with no shoes and smelling of a blend of nag champa, cookies & patchouli. A fluffhead who is one of the best humans one could ever encounter.
The DakotaMonster killed it on stage last night. He sounds like a cross between Claypool and Burton.
by love.drunk October 18, 2014

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