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1 definition by love is the answear

The act of acknowleging an outcast, loner, or some one whom has experienced a humelliating event with affection. It is often non-sexuel and present in movies aimed at teens. It includes pecks on the cheek, non sexuel touching and rubbing, hugs and assuring phrases like are you ok? you want some thing to eat? you'll be alright, your so pretty, etc, Maybe performed by a man or a women, it may be performed on a women or a man.
thomas is blushing i think he got some affection acknowlegement from his girl-friend after he got his ass kicked.

I think he's just giving her affection acknowlegement to get in her pants.

I can't believe sam is giving that freak affection acknowlegement.
by love is the answear April 23, 2010