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1 definition by love, cuppy

someone who is perfect & way beyond your dreams.
someone who pays everything for you & doesnt mind.
and treats you like a princess
someone who takes you everywhere & gives you surprises once in a while.
someone that thinks your the most beautiful inside and out
someone who makes you the only person in their world
nothing else matters..your the best thing thats happend to them & they care for you more than anyything else.
someone that makes you the happiest person everr & can make you laugh
someone who is not just your boyfriend, but best friend
someone that never leaves you no matter how much you screw up..
& someone you love unconditionally through every single thing you go through with him.

there's only one of those, he's all mine :]
my boyfriend..i hope im the one he'll always be with..
by love, cuppy October 16, 2008
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