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Phrase by American YouTube personality, Jenna Marbles

This is something, of many other weird things she would rather do, then clean her VERY messy bedroom.

To cover her face in Chilli, and punch a box of noodles into the air! :)
"Peanut butter and jelly toilet paper hat face!"
"Chilli face!"
"Chilli face noodle PUNCH!"

1st Girl: "Look at my t shirt dude!"
2nd Girl: "Awesome!"
Together: "Chilli face noodle PUNCH!" *fist in the air*
by Loulabell February 10, 2012
to have reached one's climatic pinnicle of mangulation wherith you may receive the mark of true Mangler distinction and we must all bow down and pay homage to yee.
That set was deserving of a relgnam OR he has reached relgnam in his mangled mixing prowess.
by loulabell December 09, 2003

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