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the act of shitting into another persons butthole, and having them shit out the shit that you shit into their ass onto your chest.
i gave jonny a kentucky dumptruck last night after we went out for coffee.
by louie longlegs June 30, 2012
a form of torture where you are buried and only your weiner hangs out to attract predators to munch, eat, ravage, enjoy, engulf, gobble, destroy, demolish, slurp, smash, peel,or claw your genatalia.
--jim pissed me off so much after 5th period i put him in a south african snake trap in the soundbox at school.
by louie longlegs June 30, 2012
The act of jacking off with russian dressing.
That russian hand squeeze got real messy last night.
by louie longlegs June 30, 2012

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