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slang term for beer or lager originating from the Netherlands.
Yo man, pass me another Jasper.

Are there any more Jaspers left in the fridge?
by Loudnessbomb August 16, 2010
Giving a double thumbs up, then using both thumbs as an implement of sexual pleasure on a willing female. i.e. inserting both thumbs up a womans vagina with the intent of providing pleasure to the woman.
I went down on this chick last night and hit her with the Fonz Bomb.

I fonz bombed my girlfriend last night. It was hilarious.
by loudnessbomb August 16, 2010
If something is very awesome, as amazing as it could possibly be and at times surpassing expectation
Iron Man was blackbelt!

Saw these two chicks fighting and one ripped the others top off. It was totally blackbelt.
by Loudnessbomb August 16, 2010
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