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Nickname for the nickname of Louisiana State University, the Tigers
The Bayou Bengals won this Saturday. Geux Tigers.
by Lou Stenspayce October 16, 2004
When you have sobered up enough for your girlfriend to not notice that you are/were high.
If you take mescaline, it will take you approx. 12-14 hours to pass the girlfriend test.
by Lou Stenspayce February 04, 2009
A method for discussing the width of a girl's ass without her knowledge. Ass width measured by how many ax handles, laid horizontally, would constitute the diameter of her rear end.
Is she cute?
No man, she's at least 2 ax handles
by Lou Stenspayce October 16, 2004
A first year law student.
That 1-L isn't going to make law review unless Sandra Day O'Connor comes in and takes his final for him.
by Lou Stenspayce December 15, 2003
Black dude with TB. He is the town drunk of Lexington, KY. Has achieved infamous status on the internet (fark.com) and TV (Jimmy Kimmel Live) due to his 800 arrests on public drunkeness charges in the last 10 years. Carries a picture of James Brown and dances for tips.
Henry Earl drank a bottle of Thunderbird and ended up back in the drunk tank a mere 8 hours after being released.
by Lou Stenspayce January 08, 2004
The distinctive herky-jerky gait of a crackhead. Usually both sad and hilarious at the same time.
Tyrone was high on crack and doing the crackhead shuffle down to the Presidio Liquor store to buy some newports and jokers.
by Lou Stenspayce December 24, 2003
Crazy no-trucks allowed road leading north out of NYC that pre-dates the interstate highway system in america.

Originally comissioned by FDR when he was governor of NY state so he could get from Manhattan to his house in the Adarondack (sp?) area in half the time.

Narrow as all hell, no sholder, cops pull you over onto the grass next to the trees.

Extremely fun to drive really, really fast at night.
Has evil drainage grates in the left hand lane that will knock your car out of alignment.

A quicker way to get out of NYC to New Hampshire/VT. if you want to avoid evil I-95.
I nearly wrapped my car around a tree going 90 on the Taconic. It was rad.
by Lou Stenspayce December 15, 2003

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