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a great source of blackmale used by girls x
if you dont buy me that dimond necklace , you wont touch my tits !
by lou lou February 21, 2005
a nicer way of sayin "bitch"
Often used between friends as a lighter way of insultin eachother!
jokes- oi biatch get your ass over here!
by lou lou February 26, 2005
by Lou Lou February 13, 2003
The fine white line between reality and insanity
gotsta get me some Cha-Ching Bo!
by Lou Lou February 13, 2003
another word used instead of Bitch.
Often used between friends in an american twang (ie "the british) pretending to be down ass bitchs!
A light hearted insult betwEen friends.
Sup biatch, what u at?!
by lou lou February 26, 2005

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