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A messageboard game created by ken_valyi of arstechnica to pass the time while sitting at his desk at work on a Saturday afternoon.

Rules: Zeros count as jokers, and 1s are considered like aces (the highest card), 2s are lowest going up to 9s which are second only to 1s.

ken_valyi: I created a lame little game called post count poker, because I'm bored on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

ken_valyi: Posts: 3336, I got a three of kind, acn anyone beat that?

chugg: Posts: 11411, Four Aces, Suck it down bitches.

Alexander: I can't, but right now .milFox has Posts: 11111
Five Aces?! somebody get a rope!
by lotto winner July 05, 2006

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