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1. A term (in Australia) that refers to alcoholic intoxication, but specifically to a level of drunkeness that includes loss of co-ordination, vomiting and soiling yourself.
1. "I drank so much last night! I was fucking maggot!"
by lotsofpinash May 01, 2007
1. Colloquial name for a woman's vagina (used in a derogatory manner.) Generally considered to be the most offensive word in the English language.

2. Often used (in Australia) to refer to men (and not women) of unsavoury nature.
1. "Her cunt is fucking dirty."

2. "What a fucking bastard! He is a fucking cunt!"
by lotsofpinash May 01, 2007
1. Someone who tends to lie alot, is arrogant or thinks themselves superior to others. Similar to Tosser.
1. "He is such a fucking wanker! Don't listen to him!"
by lotsofpinash May 01, 2007

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