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The most ruthless country on earth. All they want is to invade other countries only to be kicked out pitifully. Russia is responsible for millions of deaths torture, imprisonments and crime against humanity. It is a country which pretends to be democratic but obviously they never understand what democracy is. But it is not their fault they were all born under communism. They know nothing more than killing and destroying. Now a days all the Russians have to do is to suck America's cock to ignore their crimes in Chechnya.
1- Three lions were relaxing and talking to each other:
1st lion : Last month I happened to eat a French tourist and every time I take a shit there comes a nice perfume fragrance out!
2nd lion : I ate a Japanese two months ago and still every time I take a shit there come camera films out!
3rd lion frustrated: six months ago I ate a Russian general and every time I take a shit there are still medals that come out!!!
2- In Russia they wear big hats over their hollow heads.
by lotr June 28, 2005

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