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When you've been slamming crystal meth and it feels like you put your testicals in a vice grip and wrenched it as tight as you can, (without bursting the sac) then getting a blow torch setting fire to the nearly bursted sac. Hit the sac with the blow torch till its glowing on fire then have your buddy take a baseball bat and swing as hard as he can until you nuts are a hot pile of mush. Once you accomplish this feat I recommend taking your buddy to a strip club and find the stripper with the boniest ass and buy a lap dance for him! Got to love Meth Balls
by lostsoul5150 July 13, 2011
when your a dope fiend and you just lost everything you ever had in life. I mean you literally have nothing and your one step away from sucking dick for your next issue. You take the last cotton you used and add water hoping and praying you satisfy your desperate attempt to get high. Beat that fucking cotton bitches!
you know your on your last leg and you just spent all your money on your last teener. You start saving the cotton so you can accumulate them and beat the shit out of them later! Beating the cotton
by lostsoul5150 October 02, 2011
You have no more dope so you go back and dig in the trash for that last sack that you threw away. Then after finding the baggie you flip it inside out and scrape the dust that was inside onto the spoon hoping and praying you accidentally left some on accident! Spoon Duster!
After digging the sack out of the trash in a desperate and frantic attempt of dusting the spoon hoping to catch a high!
by lostsoul5150 October 02, 2011

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