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The Best Year Ever...
"Forget 1776, I Want To Time Travel To 1992!"
by lostnortham May 16, 2009
The settlement on the Island from the show LOST where the Dharma Initiative workers live. It's 70's chic and totally the coolest place you'll never live.
My plane just crashed on a desserted Island...time to look for Dharmaville and Sawyer, he's a hottie.
by lostnortham May 16, 2009
Google-fearing mongerals who eat out the brains of the undead, zombies, vampires, etc. Good pets to have near the end of the world, unless one is trying to fight against Skynet and the Terminators.
We're All DEAD! Oh Wait, We Have Estancia!
by lostnortham May 16, 2009
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