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To drive aggressively, or carelessly, causing accidents or forcing other drivers to swerve, brake suddenly, or take some type of defensive action. At the same time swearing at them and blaming everyone else for the situation. Passing 20 cars in a lane that everyone knows ends ahead, and saying "that bi*%h cut me off!" or "Oh I know you're gonna let me in there!"
Man john is such a crappy driver, he almost killed us yesterday, but he's allways got a scape-driver to take the blame.
by lostlyricist February 04, 2010
A term used by tweakers. To crash. Pass Out To fall asleep suddenly, in class. To stumble, run into something, fall out of a chair. To fall asleep at red lights, stop-signs, or any other boring stretch of road, usually after being up for days.
Man Joe was so messed up when he wrecked his car, he kept falling out on the way back from OzFest. Every time we got a Red light he'd fall out, we were cracking up 'til people started honking and rubber-necking as they drove by. I told him he should have taken a Power nap before we left, and he said that's what red lights are for!
by lostlyricist February 04, 2010

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