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a love that can last forever no matter how far you are apart. days and months with no contact can't sleep can't eat can't breathe they are away from you and your heart is with them. Life away from them is unbareable and no matter what happens you want to be with them and still do even if you end up seeing other people that original first army love is where it is at. So when you see that person in uniform think about the one that is left behind which is that soldiers support, love, heart, strength and what they get up for every morning to fight for but the civilian fights to harder then anyone can imagine.
"My heart is in Korea and i'm in AR"

"Army love is a rear and great love"
by lost_love December 01, 2010
the coolest band every .... if you don't know them then look them up on myspace.....beautiful and touching lyrics that could bring you to your knees and the band members are great ppl.
did you see the sally jayne drummer holy shit lol "
by lost_love December 01, 2010
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