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an impossiblity, something unattainable, something that cannot be reached..ever
if something were "perfect", then that would mean that they were differnt from everyone else, making them differnt, making them "imperfect"
by lost soul March 23, 2005
awesome member of the psychopathic family. just like the rest of the family, writes about the shit that the rest of them are afraid to.
lyrics from "sunny day"-
I'll stand far away, i wouldnt wanna dull your sunny day...
i'm staring at your picture, standing on the chair the rope is tied, when im dead my ghost will come and haunt you, cuz its you that committed suicide.
by lost soul March 23, 2005
a lost soul that doesn't know why she is here any more. someone that few like. someone that many judge, someone that is sad, someone that is depressed, someone that slices her wrists to see the blood come out, someone...like me.
girl 1:Did you see that mandi chick today?
girl 2: Yeah, man she scares me sometimes.
girl 1:yea i know, did you see her wrists
girl 2: yea..whats wrong with her, she must be crazy
by lost soul March 23, 2005
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