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a look someone gives with you when they have a great deal of hate for you... a way to tell someone to fuck off with out having to say a word
Did you see when my ex boyfriend came in? he gave me a total eat shit and die look

wendy just gave me an eat shit and die look. i didn't do anything to her
by losingthewar July 04, 2005
An insult much like "your mom". it is used when a person can not think of any better comeback
Erin:God you're a fat Mexican...
Nelson:Your face!!

Erin:OOO look at the pretty flowers
Sara:Your face is a pretty flower
by losingthewar May 08, 2005
1.a word meaning realy cool or awesome
2.a word used to describe how emo and annoying something is
1. wow girl those glasses are way emotive.. where'd you get em?

2. you are nothing but a big emotive pussy face. go put on a weezer shirt and cry.
by losingthewar May 08, 2005
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