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The waist fat on a female that hangs over her tight low-rise jeans. Referring to the waist fat of a plumber.
Dude, get a load of the overhang on that plumber.
by lorraine January 09, 2004
(n.) - Maltese mythology. The god of love, sexual yearning and desire.

KRoStju (n.) - The god's reincarnation. His sexual prowess is legendary. Sports a 9 incher and guaranteed to drown you in his cum.
"Ghandek zobb daqs ta' KRoS" - You're dick is as impressive as god Kros'.

"KRoS biss iserrahni" - Only the god Kros can satiate my libido.
by Lorraine May 26, 2004
A blah-ness, annoying person that is as blah and boring and annoying as a sand crab, where the word originated from.
Man, that frignet got me sleepy.
by Lorraine February 23, 2004
Basically, a bitch, biotch, biznotch, bizotch, etc.
That stupid bizzard got me all confused.
by Lorraine February 23, 2004
to get fucked up on quaaludes, alcahol or any other type of drug that the white man created to bring the black race down. Can't nobody hold us down!!!
Jamal: yo, tyrone, whats real good?
Tyrone: pssht, don't know nigga, you?
Jamal: I'm going to skip work to get rumped.
Tyone: word
(5 step handshake exchange followed by local gang sign)
by Lorraine December 27, 2003
A nickname you can use for any person you come in contact with.
1. Yo, fruitloop, I'm not down with this shit.
2. Hey, fruitlook, what's good?
by Lorraine February 23, 2004
A female wearing low-rise jeans with her panties visible and bunched up high and butt crack visible, particularly when bending over.
Yo, dude, check out the plumber heading into the McDonald's.
by lorraine January 09, 2004

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