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11 definitions by lornapie

Fluffalump is a fluffy creature who is very soft and huggable
Lorna: I sure feel down :(
fluffalump: *HUG*
Conor: You love fluffalump more than me throw him out the window or we get a divorce!

Lorna divorces Conor
by Lornapie April 17, 2005
Findlay IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!
Lorna: Hello
Findlay: I am gay
by Lornapie April 18, 2005
Findlay is stoopif! Harharhar
Findlay: Hello
Lorna: You are stoopif
by Lornapie April 20, 2005
"True Freaks Union"
From South Park episode 601- Freak Strike in which Butters puts balls on his chin to get on TV and win a prize for Stan Kyle and Cartman
Stan: This is gonna be so funny!
Butters: Uh, it sure is!
Kyle: But how are we gonna get the balls put on Butters' chin?
Butters: Hah yeah, how are we go-? Wait... Butters' chin?
Kyle: Yeah.
Butters: Uh, but that's me. I'm Butters.
Stan: We know. You're the one doing it, Butters. Who'd you think we were talkin' about?
by Lornapie June 08, 2005